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Medicare Insurance

We can answer ALL your Medicare questions! From Medicare Advantage Plans to Medicare Supplements and everything in between we can explain it!

Individual Insurance

You can protect your family without it breaking your bank account! We can show you how!

Life Insurance Plans

Do you think you can’t afford a good Life Insurance Policy? Let us show you how to protect your loved ones and make it afforadable too!

Employee Benefits

You most important and valuable asset to your company are your employees. We can show you how to protect them for less and make you the hero!

Supplemental Insurance Plans

Inexpensive Supplemental Plans can often be the greatest value! Dental or Vision as well as many other plans can help elimate or offset co-pays and deductibles!

Business Owners

If you were to loose your partner or a key employee how could your company survive until a replacement could be found? We can show you the best way to be do it!

We help you protect what is important to you!

What is important to you? Your health? Your business? What are you going to do at retirement? Everyone is different! Your needs and what is important is not only different from your friends and family but also is always changing. What was important when you were younger or just starting out in not the same when you are older! We listen, discus then recomend solutions that work for you and your unique needs.

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    Medicare Coverages

    We represent more companies than the average Agency. No one plan fits everyone. We listen to your needs and answer your questions so we can suggest and recommend the right plan that fits your needs. In the often confusing areas of Medicare, we can explain the different parts of Medicare to help you understand and make better decisions for yourself!

    Employee Benefit Programs

    It does not matter if you are the only employee or if you have 50 employees in your business, we can find coverage for you. Many employers think that offering benefits to employees is expensive. If the program is put together right, well thought out and explained to everyone, it would be perhaps the best investment in your company.

    Life Insurance

    Everyone needs to plan for the future. Costs are rising on everything including your future needs.  That’s why it is recommended to review your Life insurance plan every few years. Updates can be everything from a name change, changing you beneficiary, increasing, or decreasing your policy. Most importantly, if you have no plan in place, we can help you do it the correct way.

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