Life Insurance Plans

Why Life Insurance?

Why Life Insurance? You can’t touch it. You can’t taste it and it isn’t exciting! But, at a time in your life when you need help, it’s pretty nice to be able to rely on it! To have peace of mind and worries reduced while you or a loved one are at the most stressful time is comforting! It is comforting to know you have it, even better when it is unexpected and always welcome! It’s uses can be for one purpose or many but one thing is certain…not having it when it is needed makes a stressful time worse. From burial expenses or college funding, all the way to keeping the family home, in the family. It makes sure the business you spent years building can keep providing for those you love. No one likes to talk about it, but to not discuss it is something we all could regret!

How much is enough?

A wise man once said, “We’d all like a million dollars but few can afford it!” That is where life insurance can make a difference. There are as many ways to determine the amount of life insurance needed as there are ways to find needs for it. Our recommendation, talk to you Baker Insurance Group Agent. Work out a plan that can cover your needs that you can afford. You can always get more life insurance later, your age and health may make the cost change and go up, but it’s better than the alternative! Needing it and not having it!

Income Statement?

Once you and your Baker Insurance Group Agent have talked and discussed your needs and expectations of how your life insurance policy can best serve you, its time to get to work! For the Agent! While we have several companies we work with on a regular basis there is one thing to remember. “No one plan or policy can fit everyone’s unique need!” Your Agent will know which company will be the best fit for you. When they meet to discuss it with you, they will fully explain how and why it is the best for you. Our resources are quite extensive and making sure our clients needs are addressed is what we pride ourselves on.

Something to think about.

Once a man cancelled his life insurance so he could help his wife get her new business up and running. The extra cash going into the business would help pay some bills. The “plan” was to buy another policy once the business got off the ground and was running smoothly. It should take no longer than 6 months and the rate increase of the new policy would not be that much more! Two weeks later the man died in his sleep! There was no life insurance in place to help his wife with funeral expenses. Nothing to help with their new business. Family and friends helped with what money they could for the funeral. Three months later the widow had to close the business. She lost everything invested in it. Nine months later, she moved in with her sister. She could not afford to keep the family home. Truly a sad story, but so very true. A small life insurance policy would of made the difference! We can explain what you need, often for less than you might think!

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