Individual Insurance

Family Always Comes First!

Few will disagree that family always comes first! Be it just a significant other or an entire family (including the dog), we all typically have someone close and that we care about. Their health care needs frequently come to mind. That’s why Baker Insurance Group represents a wide range of companys that can help you address those concerns. We are fully certified for all of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans thru the Federal government. From Short Term medical plans to Travel Insurance plans that work worldwide we have it all! We help you  maintain your peace of mind, so you can make sure you and the ones you love are taken care of medically should the need arise. We can even setup insurance for those furry family members!

Making Sure You Remain Safe!

In this world of caution and concern, we are with you to keep you and your family as safe as possible. Many insurance companies today have provided options for enrollments such as online, email and FAX. You benefit by not needing masks or exposing youself to no more than you need to. Additionally, every level of safety is in place for you. Insurance companies, government and our office have made sure that Personal and Protected information you share stays protected!

Traditions that You know!

For many, we miss the hand shake of meeting someone new or of a departing friend. Seniors especially, value face to face meetings and the trust built by looking someone in the face as they explain a plan. Baker Insurance Group understands that! We prefer it too!  Our office is conviently located in Arlington, Texas. Easy to find, easy to park and safe to visit! While we do request visitors to wear masks as our country gets thu these difficult times, should you choose to visit us, rest assured we will welcome you safely. From hand sanitizer as you come in the door to cleaning surfaces many more time than our parents ever taught us, we are cautious and vigilant about it!

About Fuzzy Clients and Staff

Yes, you read it right, fuzzy clients and staff! We are fuzzy friendly, should you need to bring that fuzzy support friend of yours, they too are welcome! We do ask they be friendly and that you are able to manage them during your visit with us! Please call, or at least make sure you let the Agent you are meeting with know, they will be with you. As for the fuzzy staff, they are essential workers here! Once they greet you, they typically go back to work napping under the bosses desk! They do share their water bowl but it is hidden, just ask if its needed. We do have coffee and bottled water for you, so no worries about having to drink from a bowl!

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