Employee Benefits

A Businesses MOST Valuable Asset!

It’s not the inventory or product. It’s not even the owner or management team. Forget the building or location it may be at. It is the employees! Without employees, there is no sales, services or production. Who do you see when you walk into a business? Who is doing the work? The employees! So, how does an owner or small business protect those “valuable assets?” Be more to the Employees than the employer down the street! A well thought out Benefit Plan is THE BEST way to provide for employees. It has been proven that an Employee will take a lower rate of pay, if they can get even a low benefit plan from an employer! If a business has the same product or services as you and has an Employee Benefit Plan, do you want to have your employees go there to job hunt? Not likely! We can help you put together an outstanding Benefit Plan for much less then many employers would expect! You could become a hero to your employees and their families, with medical and other programs we can recommend. Your business might even experience less sick days used and have healthier employees! Perhaps be “the business” everyone in town wants to work for! It’s not hard to do! Let Baker Insurance Group show you how!


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Is it hard to administer a Benefit Plan?

It is more simple than ever! We help to enroll your employees. All the employer needs to do is payroll deduct the employees part, then send in the premium to the insurance company. Most payroll company’s or accounting software already have the abilities! Once the plan is in place, many insurance companies provide online portals to aide in an employers administration. Of course, Baker Insurance Group is always able to help or answer questions!

What ``Types`` of Plans are available?

Everyone knows the big thing in the news is medical coverage. What few know about is the other assorted plans that are available. Dental, in a wide variety of plans, vision, accident, life, critical illness and telemedicine top the lists! Concerned about Covid 19 and employees being out of work sick or in the hospital? Short Term Disability replaces lost income to help ease the pain! An illness goes into a longer period? Long Term Disability! Let us explain and help you put together a Benefit Plan that employees will rave over!

Unique Ideas that save Money!

Yes, often Group coverage’s can save employers and employees money. But there are different ways to increase those savings! From IRS Section 125 Plans to Self Funded Plans, we can explain them to you! We can even show you how being a member of a Chamber of Commerce can get you a better plan! (That’s an old concept that Baker Insurance Group is leading back to small businesses and Chamber Members!)

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